Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Great Clown College Con Contest

It's amazing to me that we have come to this, but we have. Anyone can say they are for this person or for that person in the upcoming election, but it is starting to shape up like an NFL week when your favorite team has a bye. You're just looking at a pool of horrible candidates, hand picked either by people who rule their respected party or people who don't want their respected party ruled but either or, the upcoming election will have no winner. We'll all be losers.

Theoretically speaking, there was only one person in the entire world who couldn't beat Hillary Clinton, and somehow we found him. As a Libertarian, I should be happy in the fact that it is a great opportunity for my party to gain some ground, except we (collectively, I wasn't on board) found the one used car salesman that no Libertarian in their right mind could take seriously. Hell Gary Johnson sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders, and I assure you, no actual Libertarian sounds like Bernie Sanders. Of course there is Whatsername from the Green Party, but only a few die-hards are going to vote for her when they close the curtain behind them, and can pull the lever for Hillary. They will then put on their "Don't Blame Me I Voted for Jill Stein" buttons. Chances are pretty good that you'll meet more people in your home town who voted for Jill Stein than what the polls said voted for her nationwide.

The amazing thing here is that all of the Vice Presidential candidates are more popular than the actual candidates. A Tim Kaine, Mike Pence, Bill Weld, and Whatshername's Runningmate match-up would have people energized to vote for instead of vote against. Now everyone seems concerned about the down-ballot, because none of these candidates have the kind of legs to get the senators, representatives, governors etc elected. Here in New Hampshire (where either party is always a crap shoot) the advertising campaigns are starting to get insane. I watched almost every available piece of advertising space on the first home game with Tom Brady (trust me, adspace was very expensive) go completely to the two senatorial candidates smearing each other. I have no desire to vote for either of those idiots either.

In my opinion this really is the best year yet for an organized write in campaign. Seriously could you picture the mainstream news reporters having to say, "and Deez Nuts managed to get 10% of the vote in Minnesota?" It could be the first time that we could solve a much bigger dilemma than which socialist gets to finally destroy America, but an issue that effects all of us deeply, which comic book super heroes can get the most votes, Marvel or DC? Then again if I learned anything in this election cycle it has to be that people dressed up like clowns are being banned all across America, and people acting like clowns are going to be running it.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Turkish U - Turn

Ever since the Syrian war started the Turks have been main players by allowing the terrorists access to all their boarders They also appointed training grounds to them, armed them from a simple gun to tanks and of course they did not do it for free but with Billions of dollars from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Last week the Turks surprised the world when they:

1 – Apologised to Russia for downing the Russian fighter
2 – The Turkish secretary of state visited his counterpart in Tehran
3 – Finalized a treaty of co-operation with Israel
4 – Considered Jabhat Al-Nussra (Syrian Al-Qaida) as a terrorist movement.
What happened?

 Add to that, this piece of news that came at the same time as the above Turkish move

Since March till mid June the Turks allowed 15,000 terrorists through their boarders and armed them with 200 tanks in an effort to retake Aleppo in the North thus securing the whole North of Syria and cutting the way on any Kurdish and even ISIS ambitions at a time when the Russian air force raids declined dramatically, in what seems to be a deal offered by the Americans and accepted by the Russians to balance the map which looks like this at the moment

The Turkish idea was by securing Idlib (green) and Aleppo (purple) by Al-Qaida their allies, they would control half of the Northern region squeezing ISIS in Ar Raqah (pink) and crushing them from the North by Turkish forces and the West by AlQaida, (this is why ISIS started targeting Turkish cities and finally Istanbul international airport), also they can do nothing to the Kurds in Al-Hasakah (yellow) because they are U.S allies yet they can negotiate with them with US help.

The whole plan failed due to the resistance of the Syrian army and Hezbollah whom gave hundreds of deaths yet they knew that if they would lose the North, that means even more terrorists would arrive and Turkey will have its dream of having the whole North region controlled by them which eventually means a very strong position on the negotiation table to allow their terms go through and if that did not work then they will separate from the rest of Syria and declare a new country owned by Turkey and putting immense pressure on the Kurds the U.S allies.

Now with that opportunity gone for good, Turkey recalculated its position first towards the Russians whom choked the Turkish economy after the fighter incident by closing their boarders, so now they have to come to terms with the Russians about AlQaida considering them terrorists after supporting them for years and even offering the Russians a military co-operation in fighting ISIS, all of which cannot be achieved before apologizing to Russia.

 Second the co-operation with Israel and Iran because they know now that the political solution is inevitable and it will affect the whole region in one peace package deal and they want to be (as advised by the Americans) on Israel side to be more effective in the Middle East polices and decision making rather than being isolated due to the failure of achieving anything in Syria and at the same time they want to keep the relations with Iran for natural gas even if that means having a rocky relations with Saudi Arabia in the near future

  Third they followed the American approach of leaving the Assad as the President, stop the air raids on the so-called moderate resistance and finally follow the Russian and American military co-operation instead of competition which was a Russian demand for some time now.
 The Turks even replaced their Prime Minister Daoud Oglo and blamed him for the policies towards Syria with a more moderate prime minister that is leading the way for a new chapter in the Syrian conflict.

Is that the end of it? It is all up to the U.S.A, whom has to deal with the failed allies and the coming presidential elections. The Obama administration does not want its term to end without a solution to the conflict, they have waited  in order to keep the balance of power in Syria which means no real winners or real losers, and have given their allies all the time, something that they do not have now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Here's One For the Bernie Supporters

Although I have another great entry from Nael waiting in the wings I wanted to take a moment to explain the economy for our friends on the left. Theoretically we all watch the stock market and we like to think that it is the gauge of a great economy but not only is it NOT, but it can be manipulated so easily. Worse than that a great stock market economy can create such harsh burdens for the rest of us, that I really want people to take this into account when they are trumpeting the current president or the standard bearer for the current president's party in the future.

A lot of people watched the polls over the weekend and were a bit weary that the Clinton machine only managed to jump out to a 5 point lead and then of course on the heels of such "bad" news, the stock market started playing games. One would assume that this is the stock market saying that it isn't comfortable with the Donald staying in pace with the Clinton machine, and some would even go as far as to say that it is their way of saying "the economy" would be better with a Hillary presidency. The answer to this is a resounding maybe, based on the theory that we take into account who the economy benefits. More to the point who the stock market benefits.

Now of course I am no socialist, so the Bernie movement doesn't appeal to me, but the people who are feeling the Bern should remember what the signs are right now. The stock market has been doing pretty good throughout the Obama presidency, but this is because it is the ONLY place that money can do anything. The entire presidency of Barack Obama has maintained a 0% interest rate, which means those that are involved in the stock market can get free money to play within it. This is the people who have space on the trading floors that is, because like most of you I look at my 401k and see stagnant gains and big losses, with a lot of in between. Of course this is what I have to be a slave to because a savings account pays a whopping .25% interest rate if I am lucky. This is the hidden sacrifice of a 0% interest rate. The Fed chairman (appointed by the president) is held hostage by the low interest rate or the stock market will tank if people don't have free money to play within it.

The Clinton machine may be what Wall Street is banking on but the reason for that is simple. More of the same. It's obvious, there will be more unbalanced free trade, more free money for bankers, and no way of saving for the rest of us. You can bang your chest and blame the GOP (who isn't innocent in all this) but the people in charge of the economy are the same people that pound the richety rich for stealing from you. Simple economics, dictate that a change would be necessary for anyone to get ahead, and it is NOT in the people who we may perceive to be in charge of "recoveries" and whatnot. Most of us have never really recovered and turning the keys over to the SAME people who play both sides of the coin is no longer an option. Unless you like watching the rich get richer and the poor being led by the people who created the misery. This is why my investments are in canned food and ammo these days.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

BREXIT an End of a Chapter

For months I have been trying to write something to our readers in the USA or to my dear friend Mr Crow but all my efforts have faced difficulties due to my working day and night at the college. If I would find some time I would write in Arabic as the events are fast and very critical in my country. There are so many things happening in the Middle East, that in a way makes me feel bad for not sharing with you what is going on. Basically what is happening in the Middle East is shaping the world and the last of that was Britain's exit from the EU, which triggered me to write this article.

Let us consider this scenario, in 1978 China's communist party underwent a major change, opening to the West and changing its thinking of economic strategies. Principles which led to considerable growth and with that economic growth along came the need for more energy. With its own oil fields failing to meet the expectations and increasing demand, China became a net importer in 1993. During those years from 1978 China managed to make several deals and contracts with Iraq and Iran by selling them arms all through their war against each other and building highways in Tehran. Then they finally approached Saudi Arabia the main American ally in the region. The U.S watched closely, as the Chinese increase in demand for energy and their relations with the Gulf states and in an effort to protect its own interests. It then went through an undeclared war on China's ambitions by squeezing the energy supply and controlling its prices.

First to control the natural gas supply to China two countries have to be controlled, Turkmenistan and Iran, so that is why Afghanistan was a good choice to invade ( see map – any pipeline has to go through Afghanistan to reach China)

Second the US would need the support of the Europeans as they are a big market for Chinese products, so in 1992 the EU was born to fill the vacuum of the fallen Soviet Union, thus inheriting the Eastern bloc countries which meant cheap labor costs. With this completion on the Chinese prices the promise that energy especially gas will be delivered cheaply from Qatar through Syria then to Europe and the Iranians will be chocked with embargo and will eventually submit. I encourage all to read this report by Leveret and Bader of the Washington Quarterly 2005-2006 part of the Brooking institute.ine has to go through Afghanistan to reach China)


The first step started with the invasion of Afghanistan 2001, which did not go as planned, then in 2003 the invasion of Iraq which posed a very important location in first choking Iran by preventing any gas pipe through it into Syria and cut the arms delivery route to Hezbollah. That did not go well either. Choking Iran from the East and West was unsuccessful which meant that Iran's oil and gas was still being delivered to China, and as a result the only solution was to impose sanctions on it that went through in 2008.

The years from 2009 onwards saw the oil prices soaring as high as 120 dollars per barrel and that started having its toll on the EU countries which did not see the cheap energy. In fact, they started to feel the burden of having more East Europeans migrating to the West. More nationalist voices were being heard in Austria, Holland, France and Britain. This when the so called Arab spring started and the real mess started in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Kuwait and Syria which was nothing but establishing the Muslim Brotherhood rule and appoint Turkey as the new Ottoman leaders of the Muslim world.

That did not work either because Russia decided to get involved prolonging the war in Syria which is the focal point of all the gas pipes plan to Europe. This war added to the Europeans burden by accepting thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and there seems no end to it which could mean even more refugees in the near future.

So what happened? History tells us that every Imperial project when it fails it goes back to the original entities for example the Soviet Union that imposed the Russian language throughout the empire. When it broke down it fell into several countries that went back to their original languages. Similarly, the Arabs ruled for hundreds of years but when they broke down these regions became countries and even further became tribes and sects. Even though the Arabs spoke the same language and had the same religion, that did not avoid them becoming several countries. Imagine a Europe that has nothing in common amongst the EU member states because the sects, languages and history are all different. Of course when their imperial project fails it will definitely go back to several countries and may be more like the separation of Scotland and Ireland.

The Brits have led the way to the imperial project failure and could not take it anymore because not only are they supporting thousands of Eastern Europeans, now they have to support thousands of Middle Eastern refugees whom will not only affect them economically but threaten their national security, and for what? The EU, will not offer any support, because all they seem to offer is more problems, and more requirements.

This fever has crossed the Atlantic as the Republicans that started all of this are now more reluctant to be part of the latest events. At least this is what we hear from Donald Trump the Republican candidate for presidency. Staying away from the hell of the Middle East and Europe Union will ensure that a new chapter will commence.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Society

After a week to mull over what happened in Orlando, read some blogs, get the mainstream media's opinions and various other sources of how I am supposed to feel about another Islamic Terrorist event, I have decided to take a different approach. I have decided to throw the microphone to the Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Society (KOOKS) to formulate a few outside opinions on the whole ordeal. No this wasn't taken lightheartedly at all, because I was pretty sure that I knew what had happened and why (silly me, thought it was a whack job looking to radicalized Islam to explain his hate and a long string of politically correct indoctrination allowing him to get to the point of mass murder) but I'm starting to think differently now.

Let's walk in my shoes for a moment: First there was the initial feelings, followed by a day of talk radio explaining the political correct America, then capped off by yet another spineless intellectually dishonest round of blogs blaming all religion and bringing up shit Christians did 500 or more years ago. Even Bill Maher has gotten past that! Seriously, there are days I wake up and think I am the only intelligent person on the planet, but no I prove I am not at all intelligent by discussing the current events with yet another Keeper Of Odd Knowledge who made sense, and now here I am questioning the very fabric of my own brain. Why not? You have to be a f***ing KOOK to get to just about every point we have reached in society, and what I think is logical might actually be fiction.

While I was explaining to said KOOK that the serious security company that this whack job worked for, that had gotten him an enhanced weapons license, was alerted constantly about his hateful rhetoric that almost always involved murder. That the company ignored it, and I was about to say "because they are afraid of the PC Police," something came out of this person's mouth that at best was an Alex Jones bit and at worst TRUE. Yes this person looked me dead in the face and said "It's because this was what they wanted him to do," and all I could do was sit there, ponder it and say, "maybe."

Now all week I have been pondering a blog asking if people have had enough yet, the answer became clear to me and I deleted that blog. No, people haven't had enough yet, and they never will. Killing in the name of God is the least of everyone's worries these days folks. God is an excuse that some use. If we aren't going to get honest that Sharia Law can be used for great evil, while many in the Western World tout how we have to respect it, then no, I am not apologizing for the Crusades. The Crusades didn't even stop the Caliphate that created the need for Crusades and of course we haven't even had enough yet. There probably is a New World Order out there because it is the only thing that makes sense now, even if all the people who think they are on to it are probably KOOKS.

Think about this for a moment and then get on whatever side of the gun control debate you happen to be on. The freaking lunatic who called to report that he was in allegiance with ISIS had been reported often. We listen to government funded commercials that say "If you see something, say something," and this guy's co-workers said something. Now lets say you drink the Obama Kool-Aid and you truly do believe that you can't take co-worker's word for it. Racial profiling, etc etc. Let's make this crazier, because at this point it is officially KOOK territory as I said. A gun store owner reported him. Again obviously a hating white hater, but DISNEY FUCKING REPORTED THIS GUY! The solution is obviously to make it harder for the law abiding to buy guns right? We're doomed.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oh No a Gorillillilllillaaaaaaaa

I hate people. No seriously, I hate everything about people to be honest with you. Human beings create laws to control their own lives, and they create feelings to justify idiocy. In either case they all stand around pointing their fingers when what they have done creates chaos. There is no black or white in the world anymore, just a long series of grey tones that look a lot like fog, or clouds or anything else that is impossible to see clearly through. It's why we have the stupidest warning signs and warning labels on things, because you can't rely on ridicule anymore to keep people from doing things that are so obviously stupid. Darwin is rolling over in his grave.

The parents of the child who got into the gorilla cage basically chalked it up to "well he's 4" and because of that they are facing the scorn and ridicule that anyone who chalks up the death of an endangered species to "well he's 4." Yes I understand that theoretically speaking a human child comes before an adult gorilla, but you can diffuse a lot of the crap storm coming down on you with a little more "I'm sorry the gorilla died," and a little less "well he's 4." Of course the zoo probably holds more blame in all this for not making the gorilla "well he's 4" proof, but again, after I was told no as a child I knew the gorilla beating me to death would be preferable to what my dad would have done if I didn't comprehend the word "no!"

Seriously folks, we have crossed that bridge now. If that child had died there would have been an angry mob, and the gorilla dying created an angry mob. I have a feeling that at least half of these people would have joined either mob. No matter what happened here it won't change the fact that someone using a toaster to dry their nail polish will still be able to sue Black & Decker for a bazillion dollars and anyone who points out that the very action denied common sense would probably be sued for hate speech along with them. The only creature I feel sorry for here is the gorilla because he was actually acting like he is supposed to. Everyone else is acting like idiots here.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dead Fish Syndrome

Who would have thought that the best solution to a bad candidate is to take the advice of the last bad candidate and try to force a contested convention. I'll be honest that I have been all-in for Ted Cruz and all, but I'm leaning towards wanting The Donald to get his 1272 and just run the GOP. I have my reasons, but to see Cruz and Kasich form an alliance just becomes insulting. Of course The Donald will suffer the worst Democrat landslide since FDR, but at least he'll go down in flames as was expected all along instead of whoever else the hapless GOP carts out to lose the election in November.

Seriously folks, the whole thing is over, it is rigged but not in the way that crybaby Donald or Bolshevik Sanders is out there saying it is. The fractured GOP demonstrated the last time around that the "sit down and take it" wing of the GOP finally will sit out an election, and I never had a doubt that the "establishment" wing of the GOP would rather lose than have another Ronald Reagan. Yes I realize that they will bring up his name whenever it suits them but they have no love for the man or patience for another one. The Donald isn't the next Reagan, but his voters express the type of anger that will easily have half the GOP sit at home and watch the Hillary coronation.

Yes to be honest with you, a brokered convention will just smear the dung all over everyone who participated in this election, and The Donald will be cannon fodder for the DNC for at least two decades. Take all of Trumps worst attributes (oh how in the name of God could anyone keep THAT list, and not get a hand cramp) and that is the GOP for lord knows how long. There are enough of us out here that think the GOP is worse than what they are called by the press and the left because they are undisputedly traitors to most of their voters. They are also hopelessly stuck in the ideology that is and will continue to be destroying them.

Think about it this way if you don't understand what I am saying. No matter who winds up being the GOP candidate, a full 30% of Republicans will sit home. If it is Trump conservatives will sit home, like they did the last time around. If it is Cruz, the squishie idiots who comprise the Republican leadership will either sit home or go vote for Hillary. If Kasich wins, the Trump faithful will go back to voting for the Democrats (assuming they aren't if Trump wins, I have my doubts) and the conservatives will sit at home. I've basically been third party all the way since the last election. Ted Cruz kinda had me thinking of voting Republican, but his new alliance has finally made me look forward to a day off in November after all.

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